Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Roll With The Changes

It has been an interesting couple of months for the garden.  It has been blistering hot and a crazy storm passed through the area, but didn't destroy the garden one bit.  

We had a potluck on June 30th to celebrate the beautiful bounty we've received from the garden and to harvest vegetables.  Unfortunately, only a handful of people were able to come to the potluck, but we figure that we can chalk it up to the oppressive 102+ degrees of heat that day and the destructive storm that left 500,000 people without power that day.  Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time laughing, meeting PJ and the kids after a day running around under the hot sun, eating, tying up the tomato plants and harvesting lots of collards, swiss chard, sugar snap peas, mint, rosemary and basil.  

If you haven't stopped by the garden yet this harvest season, you should because you can cut a ton of mint from in front of the rec center and where it is also planted in the tree trunk next to the 4 beds on top of the hill.  Jackie, Cassie's sister, and I have both separately made some very delicious mint pesto from the bounty we harvested.  Who knew mint makes such a delicious pesto?! I guess you can turn anything into a pesto - arugala, basil, cilantro....the possibilities are endless!  

Additionally, if you don't want any vegetables....there are plenty of sunflowers to pick to add some sunshine to your home.  I have a couple on my small and round dinner table right now.  

Onto the stepping stones that we have been learning from.  One, do not ever think you can have a picnic with more than 8 people at Edgewood Recreation Center without a permit.  We were notified only a couple of days before the pot luck that we were required to apply for a permit to have the gathering.  Who knew?  Well, I guess I should have known better from having had gatherings at parks in other cities before, but I didn't know it would be necessary since we're kosher with our paperwork at the Department of Parks and Rec.  Unfortunately, some circumstances beyond our control have made DPR and other groups keep a closer eye on the activities associated with the Edgewood Community Garden and Friends of Edgewood.  

We are looking forward to continuing the partnerships we are making with those in the community and beyond, continuing our planting and harvesting efforts and making new friends in the neighborhood.  

Come on by the garden any time and take what you can to enjoy!  Bon Appetite!

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