Thursday, July 12, 2012

Call for Suggestions

Good Morning Garden Lovers and Edgewood Supporters!

We are looking for your advice in how we might be able to increase community awareness and participation in the garden.  So far, our ideas include: 
  1. Establishing a table at the new Edgewood Saturday Farmer's Market
  2. Going door to door in the Edgewood neighborhood to introduce the garden personally, along with handing out a newsletter or pamphlet of some sort 
    1. Maybe the newsletter/pamphlet would include events going on this summer that are    associated with the Edgewood Rec Center; a list of veggies currently being grown and what can can be harvested now; plus a recipe that includes one of the vegetables currently available to harvest
  3. Utilizing the current community groups in the Edgewood neighborhood, create a virtual network of sorts that connects all of its groups together, so everyone can have one place to get all their information from.  And maybe, a firm meeting every month from a leader of each of those groups to brainstorm activities in the coming months. 
Thank you for your time, energy, support and suggestions!

We hope you are having a lovely summer!

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