Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring is HERE!

I haven't visited the garden in a while and not for any particular reason, only I probably formed some sort of fatalistic attitude that there was nothing in the garden worth seeing.....DUMB.  When I arrived there, I was immediately welcomed by the blooming hycianths we had planted as only bulbs, ugly bulbs, in October!

This welcome got me excited and energized for the new season to come on Saturday, April 27th.  If you aren't on our mailing list, feel free to e-mail and I will add you to the list and then,  you can be informed of future garden events!  Our goal this year will be to have on-going programming for those interested in gardening, community fun and any other activity that you feel is important and want to do. To that end, we will also be distributing an activity calendar at the April 27th Planting Day and it will be posted on our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing both old and new faces on the 27th!

I miss gardening.  I have discovered that gardening is the perfect metaphor for life in general - you cannot control what will or will not grow.  I have discovered recently even when you think that tree won't grow any leaves and grow bigger and fuller next year, it comes back - you'll see the growth.  That hydrangea you haven't seen in almost a year?  Yup, it comes back.  Just have faith.  Faith and patience.  Oh, and don't cut back too much or really, don't try to assume you know how to control the outcome at any least for me, the novice gardener, I try to reach out to a lot of people and blogs and books to figure out what I have been doing wrong and what I could be doing better, or simply, improving.  It isn't all doom and gloom in the garden - it isn't a prize you win or lose - just go take a look outside at some of the sprouts - small or big - are coming out of your plant or soil this very instant! It is MAGIC.  Whether or not that sprout turns into something more - it's something - take the time to appreciate all that it took for that seed to push out of its shell and push up through the soil for you to actually see it?!  That is magic.  To me, it is amazing that anything can grow under such weight of soil/water and the pressure from the world that wants you to produce something, anything.

Remember this year - whether it is hot, cold, wet - growth will come - metaphorically or not.  Just take a look at this motherload of goodies I grabbed a week ago!

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