Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Harvest Season Thoughts

It has been about 10 months since the Edgewood Community Garden idea was born.  It was born with a lot of hopes and dreams.  I find it is difficult to remember where we started with and where we are today, compared to those hopes and dreams.  Is this how Obama feels?  

I have had Edgewood Community Garden on my mind a lot lately....if you can imagine that. I've been trying to figure out how to articulate my feelings and not only mine, but also what I've heard from our community, my partner and the one who inspired this project - Cassie, the supportive members of Friends of Edgewood and more.

This project inspired me to grow my very own first vegetable and flower garden this year at my house.  Gratefully, Edgewood saw a greater success in growth than my own.  I could get down about the few handfuls of green peppers, garlic cloves I harvested, but I prefer to think that my own, one person, first time garden project wasn't as successful because I didn't have the energy and knowledge and experience that Edgewood has had.  I look at the photo above and where we were and where we are today is more clear........


I have had an up and down roller coaster of emotions.  At times, I feel so full of encouragement and most of the time, I have felt that way, but then I think I'm falling behind by not doing enough by getting out there and connecting with Edgewood neighbors.  I met with Pertula, the wonderful director at Common Good City Farm, and I felt relieved when I heard that some of the obstacles Common Good experienced in its earlier years are similar to what we have experienced in the past year and encouraged for next steps to take in the coming year.

Then....I see what Wangari Gardens has done in only one year and I get discouraged.  See: Wangari Gardens Fall Expansion.  We're tired and exhausted.  Anyone who starts a community project (no matter how small or big it is, they are all big), I give my hats off to them because you put your blood, sweat and tears into it.  You don't start a project without a buy-in, hope, dreams, losing sleep over it, knowing there is always a stone out there that has yet to be unturned. 

Today, October 2012 - I am eternally grateful to Ms. Cassie Phillips for suggesting this project and to Erin Bullock for igniting in me a passion for local food - not only by consuming it, but growing it as well (see her CSA blog at: Mud Creek Farm in Victor, NY and to Courtney Malin for even introducing me to Mud Creek which ultimately led me into this world.  But most of all, for Edgewood - thank you Friends of Edgewood, Academy of Hope, AmeriCorps volunteers, Edgewood neighbors, friends and family for making this garden a success this year.  We look forward to growth and improvement for our SECOND harvest year.  

If you have any interested in leading any workshop, please contact us at:  

Interests we have for coming programs: 
Cooking Demonstrations
Planting Demonstrations
Science behind plants
And more.....!

What else can we bring to the garden?  We want to hear from YOU, yes YOU.  You are the reason why the garden exists and we continue to exist every day.  Please share your thoughts - no matter what they are - with us.  We want to make this a place that you feel is your own for the next harvest season

We're working with Friends of Edgewood, our partner, to better streamline our groups, so we can bring more people together in the Edgewood neighborhood.

Thank you a million times over, Edgewood.  I have learned so much from each and every one of you I've met, communicated with and felt your positive vibes from; thank you. 

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