Monday, June 4, 2012

Ready for Harvesting!

My fearless co-director, Cassie, harvested some delicious items from the garden this weekend and I wanted to include what she wrote about it. 

"We (Cassie and her sisters) made a really nice salad of swiss chard, arugula and collards yesterday with an orange mint vinaigrette. It was super tasty. We also harvested a lot of mint and handed out bunches to everyone around. My sister and I added a wire to the pumpkin plant to help guide it’s growth over the edge. So we opened up one side of that bed making it very easy to access the collards and arugula for harvesting. For anything else (mainly the swiss chard), feel free to take the staples out of the bottom of the nets to reach in and harvesting."

Come on down to the garden and harvest some delicious veggies for you to enjoy as well!

Bon appetite!

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