Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Update

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA the past couple of weeks since we all met and planted the beautifully growing garden.  Cassie and I came face to face with the end of our Spring semester at The George Washington University with a slew of very long papers to furiously write and studying for exams.  We’re in a break for a week before the Summer session begins.  Oh yes, we keep going to school even though it is summer! 

Cassie and I are awaiting a decision for a grant we recently submitted that will enable us to pay for the installation of PVC piping.  It would be installed up the hill to the garden beds so we don’t have to sling the hose over the fence and then drag it to water every day (and soon, 2 times per day once that lovely 90+ degree DC weather arrives!).  We’re really, really grateful for all the support we’ve been receiving from the Edgewood community and neighborhood – financially and by lending your time to care for the garden. 

Cassie and I recently noticed critters that have chowed down on some of the leafy greens and possibly persons digging up what we have planted out of pure malice.  This was very discouraging to discover early last week, but Cassie got to work right away to resolve this issue!  She gathered a team together to re-vitalize the garden beds with new tomato plants transplanted and donated from Heather (Thanks, Heather!), along with some seedlings.  In addition to fixing the gardens with new seeds and transplants, netting was put up around each bed in the hopes it will deter any one or thing from toying with the plants that so want to grow!

In other news, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of harvesting!  I am estimating that our first harvesting will be at the end of June and we’d like to host a BBQ picnic and harvesting gathering during that time to celebrate together all the hard work we’ve done and the bounty that will abound for the months to come!  Keep an eye out for an e-mail with more details!

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