Monday, April 23, 2012

Water Spigot Resolved!

After 2 months, several phone calls, paper shuffling, obstacle course running, the water spigot has been installed at the Edgewood Recreation Center!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago when the stones didn't arrive along with the soil/compost on building day that no project wouldn't be a project if there wasn't a wrench thrown into well laid plans.

This past weekend, rain fell all day Sunday and we had to postpone planting.  However, I believe this was a change of plans that works out in the long run.  This way, when we have our planting day on Saturday, our water spigot will have been installed and we don't have to fill buckets of water in the rec center, then walk it up several stairs and then walk over the garden beds.  What a cardio workout it would be, but.....I'm really relieved we will have a water spigot that we can attach a hose to and then we don't have to strain any of our backs!

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