Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Edgewood Community Garden Volunteer Sign-Up & More!

Come one, Come all!
Edgewood Community Garden Sign-Up
April 14th & 15th: Moving and laying compost/soil & pebbles on the garden beds to prepare for planting
April 22nd: Planting

Cassie and I had a productive April Fools Day on Sunday where we built the frames for the garden beds in her and her sisters' backyard (shout out to the fabulous Phillips' sisters!) with the BIG help from wagon master, Dillion (their cousin).  Jamie and Dorothee came out to help lend a hand in building as well, which was a big help because I think we would have been out there way longer otherwise, so big, big thanks.
It feels like the weeks have been blurred into one the last couple of months.  Since my last post, I've been to Haiti, Cassie has been to the Clinton Global Initiative Meeting (which I hope she'll post her thoughts regarding this on the blog) and we've had a lot of communication, paperwork shuffling, with DC Parks and Recreation (DCPR).  These experiences have only reinforced that it is important that we detail our experience in this, so others may benefit in the future when they go about a similar project be aware of some of the pitfalls one might come against.While there has been a lot of paperwork shuffling and frustrations at times, at the end of the day, I realize that every organization has their protocols and I should consider what each person might have on their plate on any given day - what is forgotten, what slips underneath the cracks. With that said, receiving the paperwork, that takes about a month to be approved, for the garden and spigot installation last Monday and not in February, when DCPR became aware of our plans.  Edgewood is responsible for completing an application, but it has to be submitting with the Rite of Entry (ROE) as well, which is associated with the spigot installation.  Until that ROE is submitted by our contractor, our application is changing out and waiting and waiting.......

In the meantime, Cassie and I continue to chug along ordering materials for the garden.  I'm heading to a Friends of Edgewood meeting tomorrow night to engage the community more into our project and sign-up volunteers from the neighborhood and this coming weekend we'll most likely do some more preparation for the following week's building.  Cross your fingers that our spigot is installed by the planting weekend!

Don't forget!  Sign-up for volunteering at the garden!  We look forward to seeing you soon!


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